Big News!!!

Well, sorry for the fact that there aren't any pictures this post, but our big news is:


We are very excited for the new little one on the way, and for Isaac to have a new little brother or sister! I am due April 12 and so far, this pregnancy has been a lot harder on me than the first. The morning sickness has been far worse, and I've been a lot more tired. I'm just hoping that this phase will go by quickly, because I'd much rather take the tired, worn-out feeling of the 3rd trimester, along with heartburn and all the other things that come towards the end over this 1st trimester any day. So, hopefully it won't last long! I'm glad that I got the weight off that I recently lost before we got pregnant again, and hopefully that will make for a nice, healthy pregnancy. I hope to not get the high blood pressure I got last time in my last couple of days of pregnancy before Isaac came because that made the labor and delivery process a little more difficult, and we were lucky it went better than it does for a lot of people who develop preeclampsia. Isaac is still pretty young, so I know he doesn't quite understand what is happening with a baby coming and all, but if what they say is true, he has definitely shown some character changes and has been showing more separation anxiety on certain occasions. He is a sweet boy though, and I truly believe that although he might have some jealousy toward a new baby, he will make a great big brother. Well, I'm gonna keep this one short, but will hopefully post again soon with some picture updates. Just wanted to share for those that didn't yet know!


Lindsey H. said...

Such exciting news! Sorry to hear the pregnancy is hard so far. Hopefully you feel better soon! That baby has a wonderful due date (my birthday)! :)

Brenton and Adree Jensen said...

Kids are far more resilient than adults are :) I'm sure Isaac will be great!!!! We are so excited for you guys! Having a 2nd baby just adds to the excitement, joy, and love :) and the work, but it's worth it! Congrats!!!