Thanksgiving Weekend

This last week was a lot of fun. Manuel and I were both weighed down with tests the week before so it was nice to have a good break from school and work. Wednesday was my birthday and I was so happy I didn't have any obligations with homework, etc. Manuel worked a few hours that morning and then came home and took me to Kneader's for my favorite French toast. We were a little lazy after we got home and fell asleep for like 3 hours! When we finally woke up, we decided to do a little shopping which is always fun for me. (Manuel is so patient.) So we went to the mall and managed to spend a little money, (I mean how hard is that really), and then got a movie rental on our way home. Although we didn't end up doing anything too exciting, it was so nice to just have a break from it all. The next day was Thanksgiving and was pretty busy. Manuel's mom made the turkey and I wanted to make the rest. I ended up preparing two batches of funeral potatoes, creamed spinach, basil cloverleaf rolls, pecan pie, apple pie, cranberry sauce, and everything was served with a cran-raspberry lemon-lime punch and some olives. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun for me. Since we finished earlier than planned, Manuel and I decided we'd go see Fred Claus but once we got to the theater, we realized we should have gone earlier since it was sold out. So we drove to the dollar theater which we found out wasn't supposed to open for another hour or two. So back home it was. We had a great time that night, Manuel's aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandma came from Springville to enjoy the big feast. Friday, we celebrated our 3-month anniversary by yet again, shopping. We found some great deals on some things and even managed to get a Christmas present or two. Then on Saturday, Manuel and I went ice skating. It was Manuel's first time ever which made it all the more fun! I must say he did pretty good for a beginner and he only fell twice! Although he was a little embarrassed, we still had a great time. Oh and get this, we tried going to the library twice this week to check out some movies and both times it was closed. Just my luck--I thought it was quite fitting that the library would be closed just when, of all people, I would want to go. (Okay, I know it's not like I read or anything, I mean we were planning on checking out movies!)