The Arrival of Isaac

How wonderful! Isaac Emmanuel Córdova was born on December 21st 2009. He weighted 7 pounds and 14 ounces and his height was 20 inches. He was born with black hair and he is truly our Christmas gift. His arrival gives us joy in the present and hope in the future. Isaac is a child of God.

You may have seen Steph's pregnant pictures in previous posts. When I used to see her beautiful preggo belly, I was naive in my understanding of how a baby could get out of a pregnant woman. Wow! That was a very special miracle (and a pretty graphic one too). Stephanie's actual labor and delivery was a simple but long process. After Steph had had contractions on and off on Sunday morning, her water broke at about 2:30PM and about 3 pm we were in the hospital, where they induced stronger contractions with pitocin. After 6 hours and a progress of dilation of one single centimeter, Stephanie decided to go for the epidural. She was my hero from the beginning of the labor, the contractions were visibly unbearable and the efforts without medication and no progress were very taxing for any mom. After the epidural everything started to work better, in less than 3 hours Stephanie was already 9 centimeters dilated. After 30 minutes of pushing, Isaac was out and crying.

Now Isaac is learning the art of being breastfed, yeah, and he is doing great. Mom and Dad are also learning, but they are learning how to handle the privilege and the blessing of parenthood.