Our Growing Boy

Isaac is growing so fast! As of today at his 2-month check-up he's already 14 lbs. 10 1/2 oz.! We are so proud of his appetite which I think he got from his mom :) and he's doing well. The doctor said he'll start to thin out as he begins to crawl and walk as many breastfed babies are chunky when they're little. We love it, although I'm a little sad he's already outgrown some really cute outfits! He's started to smile a lot more although we don't yet have any pictures of it. He's also making cooing sounds and playing with rattles/toys. One of his favorites is a little sunshine that you pull on a bottom string that begins to flash lights and play "You are my sunshine." He lights up whenever I play it for him. And he loves when we read to him. Sometimes I'll read little passages from the Ensign/Liahona or short stories and rhymes in Spanish from a book we bought him. Here are some more recent pictures of Isaac:

We think he's got to be just about the cutest baby there ever was! We hope you enjoy the pictures and we'll keep posting updates on how he's doing and growing. Love to all our family and friends!


Isaac's Blessing Weekend

So over the weekend, my parents came down from Oregon to see Isaac for the first time and to be there at his blessing. It was such a fun time with everyone and most importantly, Isaac had a beautiful blessing that Manuel gave at church on Sunday. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Nana and Papa are definitely loved by Isaac! They spoiled him lots and Isaac had so much fun hanging out with them. We hope to go visit them in Oregon this summer! Thanks for everything Nana & Papa! Valentine's Day is coming up and we are excited for our first one with little Isaac. We're not sure how we'll celebrate yet but we'll definitely make it fun and romantic! Manuel has a new job working as an intern at Idaho Technology Inc. which is a biotechnology lab up by the University of Utah. The company is known for its use of DNA detection and bio defense technology. So far, Manuel is really enjoying it. Although I wish work was closer to home, I'm glad he found something that he enjoys and will be good experience for his future career goals. We'll update soon with pictures and events from Valentine's Day. Until then, love to all our friends and family!