Happy Holidays

So, it's been a while and I just thought I'd write to say that we're still here! It is next to impossible to find the time to post new entries and update our blog when I'm busy at work most of the time and Manuel is busy with work & school. Anyways, I promise to be better because I hate coming back to my blog and see that it's been months since I last posted! So, look forward to my next post with updated pictures etc. from my birthday in Vegas, Thanksgiving, and my Christmas decorating! I love this time of year when it gets a little colder, and I can cook all the warm foods I love and decorate the house. I am always sure to remind myself of the true meaning of Christmas but I absolutely love every part of Christmas and the feeling it brings. It's also nice to give a little more thought to the people in your life and take time to remember those that you don't always get to see. I'm so excited to spend our second Christmas together with my husband. He really has worked so hard this semester in school and I'm so proud of him. I'm so glad that we'll have some extra time to spend together over the holidays. Our plans include driving through the Christmas light display in Spanish Fork, building a gingerbread house, cooking lots of warm and delicious food, and watching a ton of Christmas movies--I'm so excited! Until our next post, lots of love to all of our family and friends.