I am so excited for this new weather we're having! I never realized how depressing the winters can be here. I love seeing the snow-covered mountains in the winter but this year it seemed to be a never-ending sequence of gloomy days. The sun is finally out and I hope it stays out! I am really looking forward to spring and getting out in nature. I also can't wait for us to start going camping this spring and summer--all we need is a tent! Although I don't think I want to stay in Utah long-term, I'm starting to appreciate all that it has to offer and love experiencing the distinction of the seasons (although the extreme winters and summers are hard). I plan on getting out more and taking more pictures too which I'm also excited about. On another note, I wanted to mention something new that has peaked my interest. The other day, I was reading an article in the school newspaper about sharing the gospel via blogging. I have been thinking about what a great idea that is for more members of the Church to share their thoughts, feelings, and testimonies about the gospel with others. Since there is so much negative material out there about the Church, I thought what a great idea it would be for more members to take advantage of the opportunity to simply share their own beliefs with others. So, Manuel and I will soon be starting a blog where we can do just that. Thank goodness for springtime and the gospel!