So, for those of you who may not yet know, Manuel was recently accepted into the PharmD program at the University of Utah. I couldn't be more proud of him! After some back and forth decision making about how we were going to finance his applications with everything else that was going on in our life at the time, especially with a new baby on the way, we were blessed to have enough to apply to a handful of schools. And, after finding out that Manuel did much better than he had originally thought on his PCAT, we discovered he could be very competitive in getting into the U. His interview was on March 1st and went very well, thanks to some great preparation and help from my dad. Just a week later, Manuel received a phone call from the U with a message congratulating him on his acceptance into the program. So, my husband is a future pharmacist! I'm so proud of him for all the steps he's taken to get this far and for all of his hard work and efforts he has made to support and provide for our family. I am so excited to move to Salt Lake too! I really loved living in Salt Lake when I was attending LDS Business College however I enjoyed living in Provo more for the social life when I was still in college. But I am so ready to move back to the city and begin the next stage of our life there. There are so many fun things that Isaac and I will be able to do together. I already have plans to take him to the park and the library. We can also go see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and take advantage of all the other free events in the downtown area. We'll most likely be moving to Salt Lake around July but I'm so excited about it, I've alerady started looking at apartments online. At least I can get an idea of what we can afford but I can't be more excited about having our own place since being married and having my own kitchen to bake in! Can't wait! Manuel still has to complete two courses before July 1st before he can register for his classes this fall. We've signed him up for an online anatomy course as well as an online calculus course. He'll be very busy for the next few months! And then, pharmacy school will be our life for the next four years...

Isaac is continuing to grow so fast! We are having so much fun together. He has started to smile a lot and is very playful. Whenever he isn't sleeping or being held, he is kicking around like crazy. And our newest discovery? Isaac is slowly starting to get his teeth already! We were wondering why he had started sucking on his hand so much and he's making little sucking noises and once we looked, we saw that his teeth are breaking through part of his gums. They haven't come down yet, but it just goes to show how quickly he's growing. He's starting to lose some hair so we'll just have to wait and see how it grows back. I'm hoping he gets Manuel's thick afro hair! And I finally got Isaac's baby book in the mail. I ordered it online and now I can start going through and putting some pictures and info about the first few months of his life. I can't believe he'll be 3 months old tomorrow! Time has sure flown by. I am just so grateful that I've been able to be at home with him as he's grown.

Other future plans this summer will include a trip to Oregon to visit Nana and Papa and also to see my best friend Eileen and her little baby Olivia! I can't wait! I'm so excited to take Isaac to the beach for the first time and I'm sure my parents will love every moment they get with him. We hope to go around the middle of August and be back just in time for Manuel's orientation for pharmacy school. Well, I guess that about wraps it all up for now. We'll definitely keep everyone updated on other exciting news and events. And as always, love to all our friends and family!