4th of July Weekend

The last week has been a lot of fun for us. My parents came into town for the blessings of my niece and nephew and were also here for the 4th of July and my sister's birthday. It was a lot of fun going to the parade and seeing my niece and nephew watch it for the first time. Well, it was really just fun to hang out with everybody in general and play with the babies. The weekend was nice and relaxing (although super hot) and Manuel and I have been taking advantage of the warm weather and the last few weeks have gone on Saturday picnics at different parks in the canyon. Even though we are super busy during the week at work and everything else that needs to get done, it's been really fun to get outside on the weekends and enjoy the nature while we can. We're also coming up pretty soon on our 1-year anniversary. We are planning a trip to Vegas but we found out that the PCAT Manuel has to take for pharmacy school is the day of our anniversary. We still want to maybe just spend a night in Salt Lake to get away even if it's not that far. It will be nice anyways to be back in Salt Lake where we were married and take a break before school starts back again. We hope that we can also get some more camping in before the summer ends since our first camping experience together was a little crazy and too cold for comfort. (What can we say, we got a little anxious about camping once we bought our tent and stuff.) We'll update again soon and post some recent pictures.