We're having a baby!

As most of you already probably know, we are expecting our first baby! We are really excited about it and I'm almost 13 weeks along now. Due date is December 27th which means we will be having a beautiful Christmas bundle! So far, the morning sickness has probably been the worst part so I'm anxiously waiting for it to wear off--hopefully soon. We can't wait to find out what it will be and have already been thinking of names for both a boy and a girl. We will update you with our final decision later down the road. Other exciting news--we've finally submitted Manuel's residency papers and so far the process is going pretty quickly. He already has his appointment for biometrics (fingerprints) and then we'll likely have our interview before the end of the year. Manuel is also starting a new job doing cancer research in a lab on BYU campus. He's really excited about it, as am I. It should be really good for his experience towards pharmacy school. We have certainly been extremely blessed and are especially excited about our baby on the way. We'll definitely keep updates on how the pregnancy is going and any other future news. Love to all our friends and family!