Fun with baby Isaac

What a fun couple of weeks we've already had with the new little addition to our family! Despite a few sleepless nights, Isaac has already brought so much joy to our lives. He sleeps most of the time and when he's not sleeping he's eating, and he hardly ever cries. How lucky are we?! He is such a good little baby and we are so fortunate to have him here, healthy and safe. I've posted some pictures we've taken in the last couple of weeks. Christmas Eve was fun because many of the aunts/uncles and cousins were able to come and see Isaac. Christmas Day was pretty calm but we were able to skype with Nana and Papa so they could see just how adorable Isaac is. Being parents is such a wonderful blessing for us and although we know it isn't easy, we are grateful for the opportunity we have to be parents, to feel such an amount of love for such a tiny little being and know that we are responsible for him. It's crazy to think how dependent he is on us now. I love being at home with him but can't deny it's been a little hard for me to be inside for the last couple of weeks with only an outing here and there for some groceries and a couple of doctor's appointments! We're still just focusing on protecting Isaac from the cold and illnesses of winter. And I can't even begin to describe what a wonderful father Manuel is! He has helped me out so much during this time and is such a great dad to Isaac, always showing him lots of patience, love and affection. Well, we'll keep posting updates and new pictures as they come and hopefully they'll be coming more frequently now that I have some more time on my hands being at home. As always, lots of love to all of our family and friends!